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Academic Misconduct

“Academic misconduct is behaviour that erodes the basis of mutual trust on which scholarly exchanges commonly rest, undermines Humber’s ability to evaluate students’ academic achievements, or restricts the College’s ability to accomplish its learning objectives” (Humber College. Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations, 2018-19)

Dishonest approaches to studying have direct correlations to poor knowledge acquisition, attitudes inconsistent with professional ethical practice, suboptimal care and service to the public, which in turn negatively impact the success of individuals and the reputation of our school (Whitley & Keith-Spiegel, 2002). Academic misconduct gives those who behave dishonestly an unfair advantage over others in educational endeavours and is contradictory to the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness teaching learning culture.

Breaches to Academic Integrity

Breaches to Academic Integrity for Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness students (including UNB-Humber) are described through the Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations for Degree, Diploma and Certificate Studies.

Detection and Response to Suspected Breaches to Academic Integrity

The process for following up with suspected breaches to Academic Integrity, through acts of Academic Misconduct, with Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness students (including UNB-Humber) is detailed in the Academic Integrity Policy & Process to Report Possible Breaches.